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             Mumbai is culturally very diverse which what i really like about it. Mumbai welcomes all whether an individual belongs to any religion, cultural or region. Mumbai had welcome everyone with open arms.
I love local trains people around, lecture one another,buying something, some people enjoying the touch by others(There are many cases like this), some enjoying the doors, some playing cards etc. Local trains are really a journey to be done and most significantly they're going to assist you reach at anywhere within time.Yeah Mumbai have a speed, people never stop and waste is a city that never sleeps.

        one of the safest cities in India for ladies , it's largely stuck to the present persona aside from a couple of cases here and there. One can be free in their own ways in this city built on seven islands. Freedom to an adolescent might mean the liberty to party every weekend, to a just-married woman it'd be the liberty to speak to a male friend in the dark , to a working professional it'd be to travel home safely after late hours at work or to a 60-year old freedom could be to participate within the annual marathon run. Freedom definitely has myriad meanings for everybody in Bombay.
In the rare case where you are not able to find your preferred cuisine there is the super tasty, spicy and addictive vada pav which is easily available in all places at Bombay. It is the staple diet of the many Bombayites, who just love its taste an excessive amount of or cannot afford the other meal option.


        Mumbai was formerly called Bombay.Bombay is the capital city of Maharashtra and also the financial capital of India. 
This is because the Shiv Sena party re-named and spree everything in Mumbai having anything (even names) to try to to with England. Because of this reason they also renamed the Victoria Terminus into “Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus”.
The airport was renamed as “Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport” disregards whether international or domestic flights operate over it. Not only this they even renamed the roads within the city. The name Mumbai springs from Goddess Mumba Devi. Some well known sports of Mumbai city are the Prince of Wades Museum (the Chhatrapati Shivaji Vastu Sanghralaya), Gateway of India, Juhu Beach, Marine Drive, Marve and Chowpatty.

        Mumbai may be a tourist spot for people located in various parts of the planet. Mumbai is additionally blessed great amusement parks like Fantasy land, Tikujiniwaadi, Essel World and Water Kingdom. The city is mainly the home to Bollywood. Almost all the famous starts of India reside in Mumbai in the suburbs.

        Mumbai is that a part of India which works 24X7 and never sleeps. Marathi is that the local language but still Hindi and English also are spoken fluently. That is why people travelling from various parts of the planet not faces any quite language constrains in Mumbai like other cities in India.

        The temperature in the city varies throughout the year. March to June are the months of summer having maximum temperature of around 40 To 42 degree Celcius. June -October are the Months of monsoon with rain in its full force. November to February are the months of winter. Winters are mild in Mumbai because it's situated within the coastal region but the weather remains pleasant.

        There are many cities around the world where you go to work, to meet friends and family and sometimes to explore them. You come to your own city with so many memories; Some good and some bad. You remember them for a few days, and then you go back to your normal routine in your own city. But, there are some cities that can leave a very big impression and impact on your life; They will teach you something you have not experienced elsewhere. One of those cities is Mumbai!

       When u r in Mumbai u hv to thank Autowalas for taking u whr u want to travel without much argument (they automatically turn on the meter before you settle with your goods for the ride). And Mumbai’s Lifeline - local trains - is the simplest way to reach from one corner to another corner of the town in a minimum time.
Yes, it sounds scary when it is your first time on the locals, but in the end, you will be surprised by the gang that pushes you into the train and pushes you out as soon as the station reaches your destination. If you can afford an honest seat you have won the battle. These locals will definitely teach you every second of value if you want to be successful in your office / school / college on time. These trains carry 7.2 million passengers a day.


        Mumbai is one of the cities that adore road food. From yummy chat to pani puri on the road corner and actually mouth watering and spicy vada pav is a big threat to fancy burgers and pizzas. Your 4 p.m. All you need is a Save Puri. Hunger is painful and you usually have space in your stomach for some pani puris after every meal. Don't forget, you can't say no to Pav Bhaji and Bhel Puri in the local chat shop. With stalls and dhabas open all night, you don’t have to worry if you’re hungry at 3pm. You know you need your own tikkivala to provide you with a hot and spicy chat on the road. You can always count them!

This is Mumbai my love,

 Here the man also dreams and dares to fulfill it ..
 A cup of tea and hot hot vada pav is enough to leave the whole day ..
 The fun of getting up in the morning after taking an incomplete sleep and eating in the local is nothing more.
 Come inside, the whole train is empty, even this dialogue is no less ..
 This is Mumbai, my life is better than everyone here.
 The opening of 10 by 10 is no less than a buglo here, because whoever wins here never boast of himself.

 The point of Marine Lines is something else, it is the whole of Mumbai.
 Whether the storm comes or the storm comes .. Mumbai is neither a juke nor will you bow down to know one thing, my love.

 Here people do not dream, they live dreams,
  Those who are not on it also learn to fly

 You will miss as many things as you can.
 Books (books) and ink (ink) writing about Mumbai will also fall short.
 Here he fills what he does, this is Mumbai, my life here, the answer to the brick (brick) is also found with stone.
 That is enough for now, there is love, respect and forgiveness in everyone's hearts

 # MumbaiMyLove❤️

 Moral: Mumbai is just not a city of dream's it's a Feeling❤️

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Some Best Views of Mumbai which steal Your Heart❤️


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