Karma may be a belief that whatever you are doing will come to you, either during this life or subsequent . It is embraced by followers of Buddhism, Hinduism, and others around the world. For some this is not only deeds, but thoughts and words as well.
The term Karma means action or doing. Any quit intentional action whether mental, verbal, or physical, is considered Karma. It covers all that's included within the phrase "thought, word and deed". Generally, all good and worst action tends to Karma.

        Karma does not necessarily mean past actions. It embraces both past and present deeds. Hence in one sense, we are the results of what we were; we'll be the results of what we are. In another sense, it should be added, we aren't totally the results of what we were; we'll conditionally be the results of what we are. The present is not any doubt the offspring of the past and is that the present of the longer term , but this isn't always a real index of either the past or the future; so complex is that the working of Karma.

The law of karma: 
'Whatever you give will come back to you'

“Avashyameva bhoktavyam kritam karma shubhaashubham”

        The above verse means whatever deeds we perform, whether good or bad, we have to certainly bear the fruits of the same.
Keeping the above verse in mind we all can recall a very famous English phrase taught to us in our childhoods that what you sow is what you reap but still whenever we humans face tough times in life we always blame god for it. This is because in our childhoods we were also loaded with the concept that whatever takes place on this earth is with the consent of God.
It is imperative for all of us to understand the demarcation between the two beliefs which is being held by people from ages. Lets take an example, when we leave for office, the decision regarding which dress to wear, of what colour, which way to take to office, whether to use car or public transport etc. is decided by whom? It is decided by us. Similarly, our every action is decided by us through the karmas and hence the result will also be faced by us.

        Why we worship God? Many people live in the belief that worshiping him will change their destiny but the fact is that we write our own destinies by the way of karmas we perform. We worship God to give us strength and peace of mind to face all grueling situations of life. The supreme power God gives us an understanding of good and bad deeds to perform but he never decides our karmas. If god had the powers to decide our destiny, just like any parent, he would never write poverty, sadness, death, separation, crime etc in any of his child’s destiny, rather he would fill our lives with happiness, prosperity, good health, fabulous luck etc.
Till today I have not done injustice to anyone then why I am facing such an awful situation in my life? I know this would be the next question in your mind post reading the above paragraph. The karmas performed by every human follows him till his death and even in his next life. Karmas are just like a ball, once thrown will hit the wall and come back to you. The travel time differs. Sometimes the ball comes back in a minute, sometimes hours, sometimes months, sometimes years and sometimes it takes many lives (re-births). You might be gem of a person in this life but the outcomes of your past deeds in last life will surely come back to you.

        Don’t blame god for your destiny rather do right karmas to change your destiny. This is the law of karma and an obscure fact of life for many people in the world.
We know that as we show as we reap. God has send us on the world permanently work. But , people in the today's world are becoming selfish. There is saying What goes around Comes Around. The time once we help each other , one also represent help us. We can understand as once we abuse someone , he become angry and he also abuses us. So we should never go across evil . Because it destroy us. We should attempt to be selfish less and honest person in society. We should switch the attitude of giving in ourselves.when we benefit and provides anything or help each other , a gift of happiness and success will are available our life. So it can be result of our deeds.
Life is an echo. What you send out, comes back. What you sow, you reap. What you give, you get. What you see in others, exists in you. Remember, life is an echo. It always gets back to you. So give goodness.


This Karma is also a big thing,😊

Whatever you do, it will be filed, 

If Today you have robbed someone,

 So tomorrow, your pocket will be Empty.😂

You will have to suffer yourself,😏

Doesn't Matter Where you Hide in The World, 

For Karma Its a Small World..😁


There is water for fire,💥

  Karma will Make you Remember Your Ancestors, 😉

 Like something good for bad,✌️

 By the way, for every Ravan there was also a Ram.. 😇

You should never expect from someone ,

 Just keep your heart good,🙌

 If you have done something good,

 Everything will be fine, 

just Have little patience.🤘

This Karma has Not Even Forgive God.🙊

 Everyone has faced this from King Dasharatha to Goddess Sita.🙈

While dying, there was no one to feed the Dasharatha king,😢

 So in the same way Goddess Sita has also disseminated Rama for 11 months and 14 days.😭

All this is a matter of time,🤘

 If it's not Today, Tomorrow your game is Over.. 🤐

 If you want to improve then improve now, 

 Otherwise, the relationship With Karma is Extraordinary.💯

If you cannot do good to Anyone, then do not Hurt them Bad,😇

 If you cannot donate anything, then don't even steal it.🙌

When can't think of something good, then do not think bad.🙊

 If you are Unable to believe in Someone, do not break his faith,😑

Just remember Karma once before doing something wrong ..😇

 Keep doing good deeds and Be Kind a little.

Moral-Whatever you do in this life, it will be filled.  That's why keep doi ng good deeds.  Don't hurt anyone. 😇❤️


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