Science can amuse and fascinate us all, but it's engineering that changes the planet.” “The engineer has been, and is, a maker of history.” “Scientists study the planet as it is; engineers create the planet that has never been.” “The thanks to succeeding is to double your failure rate.”

What is Engineering?

        Engineering is the application of science and math to resolve problems. Engineers find out how things work and find practical uses for scientific discoveries. Researchers & inventors frequently get the praise for innovations that enhance the human condition, but it's engineers who are instrumental in making those best innovations available to the planet.

All the Engineers are professionals in their field. It is derived from a Latin or Greek word "ingeniare" which suggests to make or devise something. Its standard education is 4 years of bachelor's.


        Scientific discoveries and their implications in the real world is the purpose of an Engineer.

Types of Engineers:

        There are many different types of fields in Engineering. Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering Etc. All the Engineers in their respective field, they work daily for a great change and to create a unique thing with their brilliant ideas and with their honest work. 

Role of an Engineer:


        It includes designing stuff or material during a real or 3D stuff. 
For Example: Product Design, Tool Design, Interior Design Etc.


        To check whether the merchandise is functioning in its optimum conditions or not. Analyze all its factors related to safety and other concerns. Moreover, cost and time are also estimated by them.

Specialization or Management: 

        This is another type of field for the Engineers. This usually comes under the standard quality control department and other management sections. It deals with applied physics.

 Breaking Down Problems:

        In real life too, we need to conceive a goal for our life, design the steps, and follow the plan overcoming the hurdles and setbacks. Improve upon our living standards. Always be with a positive approach and thinking attitude. An engineer achieves an answer by breaking down drag and stepwise incremental improvements. In our life, we can break the path towards our life goal into achievable milestones and achieve them without fail.

Work For People And Work For Change:

        Engineers work for the people in society and their work carries a lot of risks and dangers. But once they are successful, the society shakes their hand and provides them the respect.
In the last three decades, India progressed and earned fame within the world with its smart and intelligent engineers spread everywhere the planet. Let's also learn from an engineer's role. Engineer a conceives, designs, implements, checks, and installs it. Engineer's work proceeds during a planned and disciplined way. An engineer builds tools to make future work easier and reach higher levels of maturity and capability.


        Engineering may be a very professional field and maybe a four years-long journey. It’s also a respectable occupation.

Writing some best lines and personal experience in engineering life.

Who is the Engineer?

        Let's Hear the story of the life of an engineer.
After HSC, most of the students choose engineering as a field.
Admission is not available in the college of their choice, so they take admission away from their home.

There is a tear in the eyes and expectations in the heart while leaving Home.

        Where a lot of boys come from different places, who become our good friends in just a few moments. 

Getting fail in engineering is not a big deal. On the day of the results in engineering life, no one asks anyone, "Hey brother, have you passed?" Or how many marks did you get?
Here everyone asks how many ATKT did you get this time? or have you passed this time?
There is no tension of results here. Because there only one person studying and teaching in engineering and he is the same (himself only).
The engineer is the one who reads the complete syllabus in one night and after giving the exam the next day said that this time, I will definitely pass the test.

        Every engineer has a quality hidden in it. 

        In 4 years of engineering, everyone learns everything. The one who has left hope also goes to live life with a smile on his face. 

        Here we also find friends who forget all our sorrow and turn our sadness into happiness.

        There is no relation between placements and engineering. Seeing the path of placement or waiting for the placement is just a temptation. 

        Yes, I am also an engineer. I have also seen difficulties. But I have never ever lost my hope in the worst condition also I have faced all the problems with courage and Patience.

In my opinion "Engineering isn't a Degree It's an Emotion and also an enormous Lesson of Life".


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