The love is one of the best & most beautiful things in this Universe that cannot be seen or perhaps heard, but they must be heard with guts.
The best and therefore the worst thing about love is that it cannot be expressed in words.

What is love?

        Love can be a set of behaviours, emotions and beliefs with strong romantic and beautiful feelings. So, for example, a person can say he loves his dog, he loves freedom, or he loves God. The idea of   love can be unthinkable and will happen to everyone in some way.

Love has a wide range of feelings, emotions, and attitudes. For someone, love is simply a matter of having the desire for the flesh, rather than the emotional attachment to it. We can say that love is a feeling of sympathy for another person. Therefore, the most important definition of love is to feel loved.

The Need for Love:

        We know that loving and caring for others can be hard-hearted and deep-seated because the realisation of that desire increases the level of happiness. Showing love to others helps not only to find love but also to give the person who gives it. The need for love can be considered one of our basic and basic needs.

One of the ways this need can be taken is to meet comfort. It’s a desire to be caught and touched. There are therefore many studies showing that babies who do not have the comfort of communication, especially during the first six months, grow old to be mentally damaged.

Society and Love:
        It is a scientific fact that society works best when there is a certain sense of community. Kindness and love are the lifeblood of society. So without it, there is no sense of unity in the evolutionary process of progress and progress. Love, compassion, trust and care can be said to be the key to building relationships with the community.

Relationships and love:

      Relationships have many things like friendships, sexual attraction, mental harmony, and finally love. Love is the unifying force that keeps a relationship strong. But how do you know if you're really in love? Here are some of the signs that the feeling you feel is healthy, the love that makes you healthy.

I am so happy when I am near you:

      When you truly love someone, you will find it hard to understand those feelings in words. In fact, genuine love can make you feel weak inside your knees and you can't talk. Maybe that's the simplest kind of love - when your opponent causes you to be so overwhelmed that you just can't think straight. Or that could be a problem.
When you go crazy - true love - you will definitely feel that this person fills you and makes you very happy when you are together. Once you have found the person, never let them go!

The best thing you can do in life:

      No matter how dark your day is, if your partner lights up your heart, then this often quotes the right love for them.
Love between two people is the best thing in life. Whether you are loved or given love (or both), never let that feeling go away. It's not about material things - love is about the life you share together.

Reality is finally better than my dreams-

      True love will feel better than anything , including your dreams. When you can finally be happier in your lifestyle than you're in your dreams, you've got found the one. No matter how fresh or old your relationship gets, you fall deeper crazy every single day.
You don’t care about materialistic things or what proportion your partner has got to offer. All you recognize is that you simply love them unconditionally and you vow to offer them your heart.
No matter what happens in life or what obstacles are thrown your way, you and your partner will always share a deep love reference to one another .

Love is the Greatest Wealth in Life:

      Love is that the greatest wealth in life because we buy things we love for our happiness. For example, we build our dream house and buy a favourite car to draw in love. Being loved in a remote environment is a better experience than been hated even in the most advanced environment.

Love or Money:
      Love should tend more importance than money as love is usually everlasting. Money is vital to measure , but having a real companion you'll always trust should precede that. If you love each other, you will both work hard to help each other live an amazing life together.

Some Lines For Love:

      Love is not what you see from outer Personality Its all about Inner Beauty.

Love doesn't count, No one can ever tell how much someone loves someone. There is no way to count love.

When two persons Falling in love with each other then they think only of each other, They care for each other, they always try to know about Each other's likes and Dislikes.
      They just think How can I make him/her happy, Every time we find a new excuse to meet them.we quickly check our message inbox when the message arrives because we always thought that the message came from our loved one.
Love is a deep concept, Love is one of the best feelings in the world. But in recent times the concept of love has changed. Some people think if He/she is Handsome/ beautiful then it is love, some people think that if she/he Talks to me decently, and also take care of me always then that is love.

But in Real life, The Best meaning of love is that Not to accept each other's Goodness But also Accept the Badness Of her/him and Make Herself/himself Good With Our Pure Love. In Love "Mutual Understanding" Is Must Important, To Know Each Other Feelings, To support each other in every happy as well as Sad moments, Give our precious Time to Each Other, Resolve it if there is a fight.

      See your mother only, Which keeps us in our stomach for 9 months, One who does not even see us for 9 months still takes care of us. at the time of delivery, she's gone through a lot of pain But when she hear our crying voice then she puts a smile on her face and forgets her all the pain, That's called love.


      Love has been an important reason we do most things in our life. Before we could know ourselves, we got showered by it from our close relatives like mothers, fathers, siblings, etc. Thus love is a unique gift for shaping us and our life. Therefore, we can say that love is a basic need of life. It plays a vital role in our life, society, and relation. It gives us energy and motivation in a difficult time. Finally, we can say that it is greater than any other thing in life.
Everyone loves but not everyone can handle it Because They Don't have Mutual Understanding.
Possessiveness, Over Expectations, Trust Issues, Sex, Time Management, Behavior Change, Angriness, Personal space Etc. Are the factors affected In Love Life?
But the Man who Understands all these things and one who maintains the balance in Relationship only he Know the Meaning of Love.

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