Science- Boon Or Curse


        The word Science comes from the Latin word "scientia" which means "knowledge" and within the broadest sense is any knowledge-based basis or practice empowered to be able to lead to prediction. Science can also be understood as a process or practice that is highly skilled.

In modern terms, science can be a data acquisition program that underpins a process or a scientific method to organize a team of data obtained by research.

Science can be an ongoing effort to find and grow knowledge through research. Scientists observe, record information that is consistent with what they have observed, and analyze the available information to form concepts for the concept in question.

Boon or Curse:

        It depends entirely on how we use it. looking at the negative side gives a negative impact. and searching for the positive side provides a positive response. Living within the realm of science is a wonderful time that allows us to make our tasks much easier, but it should be used when it is important. we should not always use it unnecessarily. We are all surrounded by technology that is blessed by science. So we cannot ignore the use of Science and technology.

people who try to abuse it are a vicious enemy. It is like a fire. rightly enclosed, it will hold out again a great deal of adverse conditions. you can't cook food without fire but you can destroy many hectares of land by fire. Similarly science is the same thing.

        Some people say that science can be a curse and an enemy of human life because it is in line with their ideology. In the old days when there was no science but people were very healthy, equal and lived a long life,

Example - Nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, a recent example is the Pulwama incident in which 40 soldiers gave their lives.

There is also a curse and because of the use of technology from day to evening makes our lives lazy. But it also depends on us how to manage or use these gadgets. We need to be grounded in the value of science. check our Mobile Phones only Connect with the world in a second, With the help of the Internet we will do whatever we want. We get all the information with just one click. In the past we did not have mobile and as an internet site. At that time we have to face many problems. Technology helps save a lot of our time and as money.

        Science is both Blessing & Curse at the corresponding time. As Newton puts it, “Every reaction has an equal and different reaction”, all including the positive and the negative. Science is universal. Science is everywhere. Without science nothing is possible.Science is the foundation of it all. Gravity Laws, Movement Laws, Animal Separation, Nuclear Response, etc. It builds our daily activities even though we do not see it. The structure and performance of rockets, many modern electronics like TV, this computer, internet, radio, etc are the products of science. From the food we eat to the garments we wear etc there's science. Science is dynamic and it's applicable in many fields like Medical, Engineering etc which are the important branches of life.

Likewise, Science has also many side effects, just like the greatest invention of times - The atom Bomb! What all problems has it created? what percentage life forms have died! Still the consequences of the disaster continue countries like Japan where many children even now are born with many diseases thanks to that atomic effect.

Positive and Negative effects of Science and technology:


Enhances Learning:

        Over the past few years, technology has become integrated into the classroom to reinforce the training experience for youngsters . Technologies like Smartboards, document cameras, TVs, and even 3D printers are now incorporated into educational lessons to spice up collaboration and have interaction students within the learning process. With increased collaboration within the classroom, teachers and students have increased creativity and project-based learning opportunities that make academic instruction more meaningful.

Work From Home:

        Let us Take Today's example only, within the period of the Lockdown many people do their job from home only. It means with this technology our work never gone stop in even critical situation also. we will send the knowledge through Message, e-mail, etc. regardless of the client or custom want. during this critical Situation we do not got to go outside for work.

Save Money and Time:

        Your business can benefit greatly from going paperless. It’s much easier to look through electronic records for the knowledge that you simply need. you furthermore may won’t need to spend the maximum amount money on office supplies, filing systems, paper and ink. Also, this practice is more earth friendly and may offer you the sting you're trying to find when it involves customer loyalty.

When you utilize technology for your business, you'll be ready to save time and money.

Develops Future:

        Existing technology is employed as a basis to enhance future technology. The processing power of computers grows at accelerating rate as per Moore's Law. Growing population means more chances that brilliant minds are born to make better technology. Humanity can always make better ways to enhance efficiency.

From tools like spears and axes to ships to trains to aeroplanes to the web . it's helped us over the thousands of years and can still do so. Technology within the future will help us create: Very efficient solar panels allowing us to urge obviate these horrible fossil fuels


Diminishes Relationships and Social Skills:

        As children use mobile devices more and more, they’re more apart to be virtually connected with family and friends, rather than spending time together physically; they’re more likely to text, chat on social media, or connect through online gaming than actually meeting them face to face .

        Once a director of school services from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), told The Philadelphia Inquirer, “Social communication skills are also in jeopardy due to tech overuse. These skills are developed and honed through daily interaction and include knowing the way to alternate during a conversation, using facial expressions, changing the way you speak stand on the listener—such as how you ask a baby versus an adult—and making appropriate eye contact. Such personal interconnections are limited as children passively view a screen.”

Stimulates Health Issues:

        The overuse of mobile devices can be harmful to children’s health, as the more they use mobile devices, the less physical activities they do. In addition, when children prefer to play on their devices over physical activity, they often couple their activity with mindless snacking and other unhealthy habits.

As children spend more time in front of those screens—most of the time on the couch—the less time they spend outside playing, running, and burning off calories. Over time, those habits can lead to significant weight gain and other associated health problems.

Reduces Sleep Quality:

        A study from JAMA Pediatrics found that children and adolescents who use media before bed were two times more likely to not get enough sleep at night. Even further, having access to a media device in their sleeping environment, although the device wasn't being actively used near bedtime, was also related to an inadequate amount of sleep.

        Children under the age of 13 typically require 11-14 hours of sleep, looking on their age. Sleep is immensely important for children, as it promotes growth, helps heart health, affects weight, increases attention span, and even boosts learning. However, when children don’t get the right amount of sleep each night, these ever-important qualities can suffer.

        Like many of the items children love, like pizza or candy, technology are often great—but only carefully . The problems associated with technology come with misuse and lack of attention around how much technology is “too much.” Be sure to regulate and limit your children's technology use, and they’ll be able to reap its positive effects!

 🌍Technology may be a beneficial servant but a threatening master🌍

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