Independence is a word that runs like blood in the veins of every Indian.  Freedom is one of the birthright of every human being.  Tulsidas ji has said, "There is no happiness even in dreams in dependency, Dependence is a curse for anyone."

When our country wasn't independent, we had no respect in the world at that time.  Neither was our national flag, nor did we have a constitution.

Today we are completely independent and India has an identity all over the world. Our Constitution is an example in the whole world today.  In which all the countrymen have the right to equality.  Our national flag is also a symbol of love, brotherhood and unity.

Baba Saheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, the author of the great constitution of the year of India, has made every citizen of India especially in the constitution a feeling of independence, or special rights.  Ever since our India became independent, our country has reached the heights of prosperity economically and technically.

Today, in the whole world, India has become a ray of hope and shines in the sky like the sun, all this has become possible only in independent India.  We have not got this freedom easily, for this the knights of the country and the freedom fighters have sacrificed themselves, we should always thank them.

Before the British, India was ruled by the Mughals and used our land for their political and economic benefit. When the British entered India for the purpose of trade in 1600, the Mughal emperor had no idea that these British would expel him from his kingdom on the pretext of trade. The strategy of asserting its authority over the country under the guise of trade gradually worked.

When the clever Mughal rulers could not understand the devious tactics of the British, how could the naive people realize the danger that this trade was being done to loot them all. This series of atrocities and plunder lasted for two centuries and finally after a long battle we got liberated from British rule and India became independent.

Between 1857 and 1947, the British broke India seven times -

 Afghanistan in 1876

 Nepal in 1904

 Bhutan in 1906

 Tibet in 1914

 Sri Lanka in 1935

 Myanmar in 1937

 Bangladesh and Pakistan in 1947

But we Indians could not understand the wretchedness of the British that they not only broke the geographical boundaries of our country, but they also fragmented our society, our Indianness, the soul of this country.  On the go, they sowed the seeds that India could never be one even in future.  They very cleverly divided Hindu society up to the root of caste on the basis of caste and party. Think about why when we are asked to introduce us today, our introduction should be Brahmin, Baniya, Thakur, Marathi, Kayastha, Dalit whatever. That's the real and bitter truth. And the British encourage our leaders who have been doing politics only for votes not for the development of the country.

When the British would see this picture of a divided India from within the twenty-first century, but within themselves, they would be proud of their victory.  What do we as people of India celebrate on 15 August Of independence?  But think where are we free?

Our thinking is still a slave!

We are slaves of the English civilization which is being blinded by our younger generation.  We are slaves of those castes who have divided us and do not allow us to be one. We are slaves to the policies of our government which judge the citizen of this country based on his religion and caste, not on the basis of his merit.  We are slaves to the so-called secularism that has divided us in the name of religion.  We are slaves to every thought that breaks our society and does not allow us to be one.

We are still slaves to our own interests, which come before the interests of the country.  If we really want freedom, then we have to be free from our own thinking, which prevents us from being 'Indian only'.  We have to be free from those interests which obstruct the interest of the country.  Now the time has come that we should not limit our freedom to geographical or political terms.  Let us bring our freedom into our thinking.  Get out of the thinking and geographical boundaries that the British have given us.


Learn from world history that when Germany can be unified, when the Berlin Wall is toppled, when Italy can be unified, then why not India?  Chandrashekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Maharani Laxmibai, Mangal Pandey, Ramprasad Bismil, Subhash Chandra Bose, Ashfaqullah Khan sacrificed their lives for unbroken India and not for fragmented India.  The day we return our lost integrity to India, on that day a true tribute will be paid to our heroes.

Today, India is incomparable in the former world.  Social evil practices came to an end, economic exploitation of the poor came to an end and the pathetic condition of the villages improved rapidly.  Today the whole world including India is battling terrorism, which is one of the biggest stigma in the name of freedom.

We all know that terrorism has no religion.  Some people wear terrorism and kill innocent people, creating an atmosphere of fear among the countrymen.  As a result, confusion arises in public about government policies and the country's defense system.  All of us Indians should cooperate with the government unanimously and unitedly against terrorism.

It is our good fortune that we were born on the holy land of India and breathed in the beautiful atmosphere of freedom. Country love is a sacred sentiment that is essential in every citizen.

Some people are covering our holy country in a sheet of corruption for their selfishness and misleading the innocent people of the country.  As a jute, we need to be careful with such corrupt people and we should burn Ravan in the form of corruption very quickly.

India has to make the year like a golden bird and understand the true meaning of freedom, every Indian has to perform his duties more than his rights, only then our country will emerge as a superpower in the whole world.  This is our main objective. 

Bharat Mata Ki Jai, we are all one, Vande Mataram.๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ

Important Note- In this corona pandemic, it's my Humble Request to all of you that please do not wear Indian Flag printed Mask, Because this is one of the way you are disrespecting Your country. Respect Our national flag from the heart Not by Doing such a childish Thing. 

Show Some Respect For Our Country.๐Ÿ™


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