Don't Judge Anyone.


      My Today's blog is about the human Nature. We all have different nature but I think one nature is common in all the human being and that is judging someone.

       We have many countries on this earth. There are number of different people's are live in different countries. Everyone's language, Behavior, standard of living and nature are all different. Every person has a different nature.

      Somebody gets angry very easily, but somebody keeps his mind calm in even worst situation, no matter how much anyone says something about him/her. Someone have habit of judging everyone, or someone have nature to Doubt on everyone. Somebody is happy even in their troubles, and somebody is in Trouble (Unhappy) even on the occasion of happiness. Some find happiness even in small things and also share their happiness with others and makes everyone happy, and somebody makes trivial matters in silly things. Someone tries to maintain a relationship, and someone breaks a relationship even on a small matter.

      Someone remains cool in any situation like M.S. Dhoni and Someone is always aggressive like Virat Kohli. Love, hate, anger, judging, laughing, crying, being jealous etc. all these things are human nature, feelings and emotions.

      “Don't be adamant; don't make up your mind about all the things that don't even have anything at all to do with you. Don't be too quick to define what is right & wrong and also don't be too quick to judge anyone.

      Today we will talk about the judging.

      Not every person always judges another person but sometimes they does. Someone judges with money, someone with personality, someone with clothes, someone with skin color, someone judges with height and body.

Let me tell you a little story.

      Once, 20-25 people were traveling in a bus.
All those people were returning to their homes from the pilgrimage. Then suddenly a rainstorm started with lightning. As soon as they covered some distance, there was a lightning from the sky fell at a distance from the bus, then all the passengers got scared. Then again the bus was on his way. After passing some distance again, there was another lightning from sky. Now all the passengers became more scared. After that everyone gathered and said that due to only one man, we have all got into trouble. Due to his dirty sins we all will die. Then all the passengers came down and decide that every passenger would go to the tree which is a little far away from bus and after touching that tree everyone will come back to bus. After this, everyone was coming back after touching the tree one by one. Then only one man was left in the last, all the people were looking at him with anger. Everyone felt that it was only because of this man that we felt into this trouble. Then that man started walking towards that tree and as soon as he came near that tree, only then a sound of lightning came. But lightning did not fall on that man, he looked back and he saw that all the passengers are dead because of lightning.

      All the people was safe because of this man's good deeds But all those passengers continued to judge the same man. We all are  judging every second, minute, and every hour.
Once Mother Teresa said the same thing, "if you continue to judge a person, you will not get the time to love". That's why take time to love, not to judge anyone.

Let me tell you one another Example:

      Once a Math teacher of 2nd standard asked a question to student that If I give you 2 Mangoes and 2 Mangoes how many will you have? Student said 5 as answer. Teacher asked him again and again he said 5 as answer. Teacher was upset. But remembered that this student doesn't like mangoes so teacher has changed the example from mangoes to strawberry. Teacher again asked to this student If I give you 2 strawberries and 2 strawberries then how many will you have? Now the student said 4. The teacher was very happy by the change of strategy. Just to confirm that this student has understood the math right teacher asked student again, if I give  you 2 Mangoes and 2 mangoes then how many will you have? Again Student said 5 as answer. The teacher now was annoyed. How can 2 and 2 strawberries become 4 and how can 2 and 2 mangoes become 5? Student replied politely I already have 1 Mango in my bag Madam.

      Now, Who was right? Was the teacher wrong? No, Because 2+2=4. Was student wrong? No, Because 2+2=4 and 1 mango in his bag that is equal to 5. It is not a fact that all kind of conflicts comes because of the gap between technical rightness and practical rightness. The teacher was Technically right and the student was practically right. technically rightness means to see the obvious, to see what is visible. Practical rightness means to see beyond the obvious, to see beyond what is visibly seen. Practical rightness means to see the Hidden mango. All are Conflicts comes because of the gap between technical rightness and practical rightness.

      Whenever you find that your spouse is not loving you enough then yes you be technically right. He or she may not loving you that much. But are you practically right? Practical rightness means to see the Hidden mango. Why he or she not loving you? Try to understand this before being judgemental.

      Next time if you see someone not fit into your definition of what is technically right, please do not be judgemental quickly. Go beyond the obvious, go beyond the seen and try to look for the hidden mango which will truely help you to understand the person and resolve the conflicting situation that you are in.


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